The great thing about technology is that it can help your audience find you in so many different places at once. Whether it’s an event listing on Eventbrite, posts on social media accounts, or your own blog or website, ticket buyers can find your event information as long as you keep your accounts up to date.

Technology, as we know, is moving fast-but so is Eventbrite. Instead of just listing your events on Eventbrite, you can now enjoy integration with your own website, making features like calendars and checkouts easier to access. Thanks to our calendar integration, your guests get an up-to-date look at your events. Once they’re sold at your event, they no longer need to click to Eventbrite to get a ticket — they can simply complete the entire transaction from your web page. That’s how it works.

Look into the future with the Eventbrite calendar integration
Eventbrite’s calendar integrates seamlessly into your website or blog, to add a handy calendar that lets you — and your guests – keep track of what’s on schedule for the days and weeks ahead.

You can sync your calendar with Eventbrite’s, as well as Google Calendar or Outlook calendar, so you can stay connected across platforms. Choose a color that matches the style of your site, and choose a monthly, weekly, or calendar view, depending on the number of events you host.

With a prominent calendar on your website, your visitors can quickly know when and where your events are. For busy guests, every little reminder helps to keep your event top of mind.

Use the Integrated Eventbrite checkout feature for seamless sales
Use Eventbrite’s integrated checkout technology for a truly seamless connection between your website or blog and Eventbrite. It allows you to sell tickets for your events directly from your site, without your ticket having to leave the page. Just integrate the checkout module into your site for easy ticketing for everyone who visits your site.

For someone like Rebecca Jessop, executive director of the Havre De Grace Arts Collective in Havre de Grace, Maryland, the choice to integrate Eventbrite into website listings on her organization’s WordPress page was a no-brainer. She organizes a wide variety of performances — in” all five disciplines”, as she puts it, including music, theater, dance, film and media art.

With such a variety is organized keeping the key. “We’ve been using Eventbrite for our events since we opened in 2017, and the integration allows us to use our WordPress website to get our word out,” she says.

How this Eventbrite integration improves your website experience:

1. Eventbrite embedded gives you control
Control the ticketing experience for your site visitors by choosing one of two ticketing options:

An embedded display that automatically displays available tickets on your web page, or
An embedded “buy tickets” button that opens a pop-up window to display the available tickets.
Either way, the user can complete their ticket purchase without ever leaving your website.

2. It keeps users on your site
Adding the embedded checkout feature to your website can help increase your site’s traffic and activity. And because your event attendees never have to leave your website, you can reduce drop-offs and maintain brand awareness throughout the experience. In addition, the user is more likely to remain on your website even after the ticket is purchased.

3. It is also mobile friendly
Mobile-friendliness is an important part of technology-focused, agile and customizable – so of course we designed the embedded checkout feature to work on mobile, with no additional settings required. Mobile visitors can purchase tickets just as easily as desktop users, making converting interest to sales even easier.

Eventbrite website integration for integrated displays
Along with our embedded calendar and ticket checkout tool, WordPress now offers a plugin that displays your Eventbrite events directly on your WordPress page. With no additional or custom code, you can more easily manage all your events from one place.

Integration for a better future
Making the most of the recent tools will keep your website Fresh and up to date. By integrating the recent technology, you are also in the best position to take advantage of new developments, because you are already at the forefront.

And if you’re worried that new technology will bring new heads, don’t worry – Eventbrite’s tech support and help articles can make your new tools work seamlessly from the start. Discover all the apps that enable integration with your website and see how you can increase the reach of your event.

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