Take into account the trends in corporate event planning and capture what will make your next conference a great success. Visitors will be attracted to your event based on what they think they get out of the experience, so you’ll want to consider the types of events and themes that people are currently interested in. For corporate events, potential participants usually need approval before spending the company’s money on tickets and participating as a representative of their organization. This means that your event should show real value and provide knowledge that participants can pass on to their colleagues.

Many of this year’s trends will be driven by the recent time recent times and its consequences, so safety and flexibility will be essential. Other business event trends will be noticed as the year progresses, but for now, there are a number of popular event types and themes that can help inform your planning process.

Choose an event format that suits your visitors
Trends in meetings and events show that formatting plays an important role in corporate events dictated by the recent time recent times. Despite a slow return to in-person events, many virtual and hybrid trends have proven their worth. Whichever event format you choose, be sure to take into account your target audience and what they are most interested in.

Virtual and hybrid events are still reaching the masses
Virtual events may have become popular due to recent time restrictions, but many creators have found that online events can reach a much wider audience than traditional in-person events. A virtual event takes place entirely online, while a hybrid event has both an in-person and a hybrid component. Hybrid events have become a trend in meetings and events because of the way they cater to attendees who are comfortable with in-person events and those who are not.

These work well if your event consists of speakers, panels, or performances that can be streamed live to an outside audience. It’s a good idea to include speakers at your corporate events, because you can use video as a guarantee for future marketing materials and you may already have the technology you need to broadcast your corporate event. If you need assistance organizing a virtual event or the virtual part of your hybrid event, Eventbrite can help you create, promote and manage it all with our virtual events platform.

Bring people together with in-person events

People crave togetherness, so if it makes sense for your event — and if local regulations allow it — an in-person event has the potential to be a big success. Make sure your location has enough space to meet social distancing requirements and check if there are any local restrictions or safety rules that you need to follow. In general, hand sanitizers or checking vaccination status at the door are good ways to make sure your visitors feel safe.

Potential in-person visitors will not only be looking to see if your event is safe, they will also be looking for all the parts of the events they missed during the recent times. Give your audience the opportunity to mingle and interact with each other, participate in Q&A with speakers or experts, and enjoy food and drinks. Make sure your event is immersive and offers an experience that would not be possible online.

Keep it devote with a micro-event

If a large conference or trade show does not make sense for your organization, consider organizing micro-events instead. Small events have become a current trend in the events industry due to previous restrictions on the number of people who could gather during the recent time recent times, but there have always been some advantages to organizing these types of gatherings. A micro-event with a single speaker gives participants the opportunity to truly interact with the speaker, as opposed to an event with a full auditorium. Your micro-events can be more interactive and involve more discussions. This type of event works well for workshops and team building exercises.

Topical themes that will attract those present

A theme that interests your audience is essential to sell tickets for your next corporate event. Obviously, the trending conference topics have been strongly influenced by the recent time recent times and current events, as well as social issues that people are interested in. Think about the theme that appeals best to your visitors.

Well-being and connection in the aftermath of the recent times

The recent time recent times has changed a lot in our daily lives, including the way we work. Organizations needed to pivot to better support their employees, whether it was being able to work remotely, planning more flexibly, or providing support to those directly affected by the recent times. Well-being was a trending conference theme before the recent times, and now taking care of ourselves and our loved ones has become even more essential. Consider an event that aims to help people live and work at home, with sessions focusing on work-life balance, flexible work styles, productivity, burnout management and other related topics.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Current events have brought issues of corporate diversity to the forefront of our minds. At a time when different companies operate around the world and employees from different time zones have to work with colleagues from other cultures, many people and organizations are thinking about how best to promote respectful communication and safe working environments for all. Plan an event that brings together diversity and inclusion experts, HR professionals and others who care about healthy and diverse company cultures.

New technology in your field or industry

Many organizations will be looking for the recent and most innovative technologies, so it is not surprising that technology conferences are a permanent choice for a corporate event. Give sellers a chance to introduce new products and visitors a chance to try out the new technology. Invite speakers or panelists to discuss recent technology trends and what they mean for your industry as a whole. These types of events are always attractive for companies that want to stay up to date.

Surprise visitors with equipment and technologies

No matter what theme or format you choose for your event, there are certain things that your visitors will expect, which will have a big impact on their experience.

  • Accessibility
    Make sure that everyone attending your event leaves a positive impression by planning ahead for a diverse audience. Provide captions on your live broadcasts or appropriate interpretation for personal participants who need them. Make sure that each personal location you choose is bodily accessible to all your visitors. If an aspect of your event is difficult for some attendees to navigate or understand, it may prevent them from coming to your events in the future.
  • Networking capability
    One of the reasons many people love events is the aspect of the human connection they provide. Even if you are organizing an online event, choose a platform with a chat function that allows participants to independently network and discuss the event. Consider creating an app that allows them to connect during and after the event.
  • Contactless registration
    Make check-in safe and stress-free with a contactless process. Send participants an email with a QR code or barcode that they can retrieve on their phone. This means that you don’t have to organize a voluntary appeal and no one has to worry about keeping track of body tickets.
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