Whether you’re new to event planning or an experienced creator looking for new ideas, it’s important to find effective promotional strategies. Identifying and implementing the best event marketing strategies can help you improve your event’s visibility, attract an audience, and maximize your event’s success.

Using creative branding and marketing strategies for events doesn’t necessarily mean spending more money. However, these strategies can take time and effort to implement, and this hard work can lead to results that satisfy you, even if your budget is limited. Whether you’re planning a small local event or a large festival to inspire and connect your local community, Eventbrite can help you identify event marketing trends and determine how to use them for your next event.

Read on to discover creative ways to promote an event so your next event is a success.

Let’s talk about size

When you start designing a marketing plan for your event, start with the basics. Laying the groundwork for your event will give you a better idea of how it will unfold and the marketing and promotion strategies that will work. First of all, think about the size of your event. Are you organizing a small class, a workshop or a large community festival? You need to target your marketing to the right audience, so the size of the event is an important consideration.

Next, think about how far you are in the planning process. Once you’ve booked your location and set your date, you’ll have all the basic information you need to get started with marketing. Finally, consider your expectations. Do you want to launch a community-wide event that attracts thousands of people or host a small pop-up event in your company? Identifying your goals, including how many visitors you want to have and what you want to achieve for your event, can help guide your marketing strategy.

Let’s talk about budget

The budget plays a role in every element of your event, including its marketing. Thus, the early definition of your marketing budget will allow you to implement an effective and economical strategy. When drawing up a promotional budget, consider the total budget at the same time. Perhaps you can find ways to reduce costs in other areas, which will allow you to spend even more money on promotion.

Also, research the resources you have around you to find ways to get free or inexpensive marketing opportunities. Try partnering with local businesses at your next event so you can promote them. Use free event websites like Eventbrite and social media to spread free information about your event. Combining and tailoring marketing strategies to your budget can help you promote your event effectively.

Let’s get creative
Now that you’ve started planning and budgeting events, you’re ready to dive into these creative ways to promote an event. Start designing your event marketing plan with these tips.

1. Contests and giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff. So organize a contest or giveaway that can attract an audience with free prizes. The gifts are easy to implement and each ticket purchased can be used as an entry to win a prize. Select the winners of the event to increase participation — you could even choose to say that people must be present to win.

If you can include a fun and easy-to-implement contest in your event, you can award prizes to the winners. Choose a contest that is relevant to the theme so that it makes sense. For example, if you are organizing a cooking class, you can add a competitive touch to it by asking the judges to select their favorite dishes. Arrange bronze, silver and gold medals-the more prizes you can offer, the better. After all, with many prizes come many winners, which can increase your participation and awareness. Finally, if you don’t have the budget for the prices, look for donations such as gift cards and products from other local businesses.

2. Working with local influencers

Influencer marketing can be a inexpensive and effective marketing strategy. Using Influential People with a large audience to promote your event can have a huge impact-if done right. Even micro-influencer marketing — using individuals with smaller but engaged and loyal followers-can promote your event.

Reach out to relevant influencers, such as those in your area, and offer incentives or money in exchange for promoting them. Be sure to conclude a promotion strategy before signing with the influencer to confirm that both parties agree on the promotion plan. You can use influencer marketing to promote your event through behind-the-scenes video tours, social media posts, or even a private launch event in the influencer’s presence.

3. Public relations stunts

PR stunts create buzz around your event. However, they require careful planning so that they leave without problems. Think about the logistics before adopting an idea to make sure it’s something you can realistically achieve while staying within your promotional budget. PR stunts can be effective because they can raise awareness about your business and get people talking, and a little buzz can go a long way in building your customer base.

To maximize the effectiveness of your PR stunt, invite journalists and influencers in advance for a free promotion. In addition, you can save it yourself and publish it on your social channels. Get inspired by checking out these 10 guerrilla marketing ideas and experiential marketing trends.

4. Early bird discount

Boost your ticket sales as soon as they become available with early bird discounts. Offer generous discounts-about 20% to 25% – to generate interest. Consider offering a family package where you can get bulk tickets at a discounted price. Or, deals with a friend may offer a discount on several tickets purchased. Early registration has proven successful because a discount code can be an effective way to buy tickets early.

5. Advertise in free neighborhood guides

If your community has free neighborhood guides, advertise them. Create a relationship with the editors of these guides so you can include your event in it. This can increase your reach and raise awareness through their channels and mailing lists. When creating an ad, include as much information as possible and make sure it is included well before your event. You could even offer an exclusive discount code in the Mail, which can boost ticket sales and entice visitors to get their hands on their ticket.

6. Gamification

Make it fun to win tickets to your event. Integrate a game into the promotion of your event. For example, you can organize a treasure hunt around your community so that the participants can find clues. Start the hunt in your company, where the participants can collect treasure cards. This game, which families and children will surely enjoy, can take them through the community in search of local attractions. Offer prices for returned cards-offer discount codes, free entry, or small prizes. Use a hashtag to spread the news about the event and encourage attendees to share photos and videos on social media to spread the news.

7. Inviting local journalists

Work with local media to promote your event. If you’ve established a network with local journalists, you’re in luck — it can be easy to get them to come to your event. Offer exclusives or VIP tickets if you can, which can make the event more attractive. Please contact us well in advance so that your contact can keep their schedule for your event clear.

If you don’t have contact in the local media, feel free to get in touch. Present your event with enthusiasm and enthusiasm. When discussing your event, make it really personal for the publication or journalist to increase your chances of participating. For example, if you know that a local publication regularly supports charities and your event benefits the public interest, use this angle to spark their interest.


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