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The dawn of the” summer of hot events ” is here! With the festival, holiday and beach season upon us, now is the time to ignite your ticket sales. We’re here to help with our all-in-one marketing platform, Eventbrite Boost and expert-level marketing advice leading to sold-out events. Whether you want to make a splash with email campaigns, launch a multi-event advertising campaign for all your summer shindigs or target visitors with a smart audience, we have tips that will make this summer a memorable one.

Inspiration For The Event Industry

  • Do you know how restaurants offer free sweets at the end of your meal? This is an example of reciprocity — and you can replicate it at your events to give visitors more chances to come back. Event Industry News shared some strategies: if they are watching a speech, can you send them the recording and encourage them to share? How about a good ebook? And if you are wondering whether to offer swag or not? The answer is yes, always yes.
  • Event professionals are increasingly recognizing the power of sound and using audiocentric activations. At Art Basel Miami Beach, American Express wowed customers by offering sound bath classes, and at a recent Valspar event, a sound therapist turned all the different colors of the year into soothing sound experiences.
  • Tyler Large, president and owner of OC Ramps, a skateboard ramp manufacturing company, spoke to BizBash about how his company sets up custom ramps at events other than skateboarding. “Bringing the skateboarding vibe is going to surprise people,” he said. An event coordinator could say,” We want one track and six professionals, ” and we will take everything — from the construction of the track to the people skating on it.”Having a unique activation makes it possible to elevate an event by keeping the guests longer,” added,
  • The Global Pet Expo recently returned to Orlando and attracted more than 5,000 attendees and more than 700 exhibitors — 15% of whom got tickets this week-or, Bob Merar, interim CEO of the American Pet Products Association, told Trade Show News Network. The organizers of the event made smart adjustments after the recent times:
  1. Participants were able to check in at the self-service kiosks, which took up little space and took up fewer long queues.
    Participants could search for exhibitors and view a map online.
  2. A new app has allowed guests to connect with each other and visit virtual booths (and free Wi-Fi has been installed to accommodate it).

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