The temperatures are starting to warm up and people are excited to get out and celebrate the return of spring and summer. Everyone thinks “green” – both in terms of plants and the planet. This makes after spring and early summer perfect for focusing on nature and sustainability.

Green events allow you to celebrate nature and touch the core values of many consumers. The public is increasingly choosing to support events and brands that promote sustainability and have a lower carbon footprint.

If you’re looking to host a green event, read on for sustainable event ideas that will boost attendance and get your audience excited about nature.

Have fun with flowers
Nothing signals the arrival of spring as well as flowers, and many cities across the country attend events on the theme of flowers or gardens. Spring festivals or outdoor events are a great way to let your visitors enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful flowers.

1. Get out with outdoor events
Consider keeping your events outdoors, for example with an outdoor yoga class. Participants can enjoy the colorful landscapes and the cool breeze while making their way through the poses. Or organize a walking tour of a local natural site so that your guests can admire the scenery and discover new places.

2. Organize a flower or garden exhibition
What better way to usher in the summer months than to show nature? A garden exhibition or flower festival can attract professional and amateur gardeners to show their work, and amateurs will come to see the exhibitions.

To make things feel summery in the right way, find an outdoor spot with plenty of space for your green event. Try to include new and small businesses and seasoned professionals in the event so that you can show all the floral expertise in your area. To increase the income from the event, local stores invite you to sell garden decoration or patio furniture next to the displays. Demonstrations and gardening seminars can also arouse interest and add variety to the procedure.

3. Getting your hands dirty in a workshop
Inspire the imagination of visitors and cultivate their creativity with a flower workshop, like the workshops organized by the creator of Eventbrite Fresh Flower Bar in the past. Teach your guests how to create beautiful floral arrangements that they will proudly display at home.

Workshop classes can cover:

How to choose flowers from a store and package the stems for use in a professional-looking flower arrangement
The symbolism of different varieties of flowers
How to use local wildflowers
Whatever the topic, your visitors don’t need any previous experience — just a lot of enthusiasm.

4. Celebrate your local flora
Turn your green event into a celebration of a specific flower that is important to your city or region. For example, Washington D.C. is famous for its cherry blossoms, and Holland, Michigan, hosts an annual tulip festival.

Offer photo opportunities with the flowers, as BlueHour Photo Ventures does in its educational photography workshops. Or create a colorful and instagrammable display that promotes the event and hire professional photographers to offer posed flower portraits. After the workshop, you can even send the participants home with bulbs or seeds so that the flowers become part of their own garden. Don’t forget to include information about your brand in the gift bags.

Four public holidays
Planning your eco-friendly event to coincide with a holiday can help increase attendance and make marketing easier.

5. Celebrating the family on Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is a special holiday for children and parents. It is also the perfect time to participate in a green event focused on beauty, sustainability and conservation for future generations.

Host a Mother’s Day brunch with keynote speakers such as leading gardeners or landscape architects. Offer flowers and ribbons to the participants so that they learn how to make bouquets for their mothers.

6. Organize a Patriotic Memorial Day event
On Memorial Day, it is common for picnics and barbecues to accompany local parades as we honor those who have died in service.

7. Give back on Earth Day
Celebrate the planet on or around April 22nd with a Green Earth Day event. This ecological holiday draws attention to the damage caused by pollution and deforestation, and it is a great occasion for service events.

At your green event, you can:

Help heal the planet with a tree planting workshop
Plan a walk in a natural park with a forest ranger and discover the native plants of the area
Hire speakers to discuss current environmental issues and give ecological advice to participants
Enjoy planting and production
8. Celebrate summer at the market
Your local farmers market is a great place to throw a summer party. Visitors are surrounded by flowers and fresh produce, and you also support your local producers.

Set up various stands for local traders, gardening or composting experts, or outdoor games. You can also invite local farm-to-table restaurants or food trucks to provide snacks.

9. Teach your community a new skill
An educational event doesn’t have to be dry — with the right planning and dynamic speakers, you can make learning fun for everyone. Attract a large audience to your classes with fun games, food or gifts.

Offer courses on sustainable practices such as recycling, composting or creating a container garden. Teach people how native plants can reduce water consumption, or teach them the importance of bee, butterfly and hummingbird gardens.

10. Promoting family fun on the farm
Seeing how food is made can be a rewarding experience. Partner with a local farm to offer tours and educational classes. These events can be fun for the whole family — think of a petting zoo, a pick-your-own patch, or a hayride.

Eventbrite’s top tips for green events
Whatever type of event you are organizing, you can take action to make it greener and more sustainable.

Here are some tips to make your event environmentally friendly:

Send digital invitations
Use materials made from recycled products

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