Do you know what benefits sponsors are looking for? Without this information guiding your sponsorship proposal, it is impossible to win the right sponsors because you will not address the main concerns of your potential sponsors. This is especially important after a recent times that has disrupted the events industry, making it less safe, but also with more possibilities (Hello, hybrid events!).

The fact is that sponsors do not provide funding just because they want free tickets to your event. They have their own strategic business goals, so in order to successfully attract sponsorship for your event, you need to make sure that your proposal matches their goals.

Read on to discover five coveted sponsorship benefits you can offer to snare big brands.

Sponsorship advantage #1: Access is the key
What the sponsors want is access to new, larger target markets. The better you know the demographics of your visitors, the more you can prove that your event attendees are that target market.

Once you know that your visitors are a sponsor’s target market, point out how events provide a level of customer access that few other forms of marketing can achieve. Your participants have proven that they will spend money in a particular market, which means that they will most likely continue to spend money in that market. Personal events can also make a more direct and memorable impression. A sponsor’s message isn’t left to passive social media ads that people scroll through or TV ads that viewers ignore — it’s embedded in an entertaining and memorable in-person event.

In your communication with potential event sponsors, offer to customize sponsorship in a way that gives the brand a unique form of communication with its target audience. For example, you can suggest a brand ambassador to present a Musical or comedy act on stage, or to receive a grand prize in a competition or a Lottery “presented by” the brand.

Tip: dig deep into your visitor and event data to find meaningful ways for sponsors to connect with your audience. The right activation will enhance the experience of your event attendees-which is a win / win / win scenario for you, your attendees, and your sponsors.

Sponsor benefit #2: exclusive market research
Some companies go to great lengths to develop a complete profile of their ideal customer. Luckily for you, you’re sitting on a goldmine of industry-exclusive data that the right brands would love to get their hands on.

When guests register for your events on Eventbrite, you can collect important information, such as contact information, days of the week that sell more tickets, prices that get more responses, and ads that drive conversions. You can even collect personal information by creating a survey and emailing it to guests, before or after the event. From demographic and firmographic data to purchasing behavior, your information about their target audience can influence a sponsor’s business strategy and pave the way for success.

Tip: Consider giving sponsors the opportunity to add important marketing questions (which they really want the answers to) to your next follow-up survey. Or create focus groups with participants who are keen to attend events so they can get the detailed data on the target market they are looking for.

Sponsor advantage #3: value from start to finish
While branding opportunities during your event are likely to be central to your conversations with potential sponsors, don’t overlook the opportunities before and after your event. Sponsors are most interested in the return on investment, or return on investment. This means that they want to convert their referral fees by acquiring new customers who will offset the cost of the referral.

The sponsorship investment can take the form of brand promotions of your event on social networks or, once the lights are turned off and the exit is closed, with reusable content such as Brand photo collections or video compilations. Divide these opportunities into separate sponsorship purchases to increase your sponsorship rank, or group them together to create a sponsorship package.

Tip: Use Surveys and focus groups to establish initial benchmarks on how your participants perceive a sponsor’s brand. Use this data to help your sponsors set improvement goals after the event and re-test the same metrics after the event.

Sponsor advantage #4: measurable results compared to promises
Sponsors have results they want to achieve, such as increased brand exposure or attracting new customers. Regardless of the outcome, they will want to measure all aspects of their sponsorship to make sure they enjoy the benefits of being a sponsor for an event.

Fortunately, you can provide your sponsors with both hardware and software data of the event, with real-time figures that can prove the effectiveness of their sponsorship. You can show them how the data has changed from the initial announcement to the event and to the cleanup. Illustrate the increase in brand awareness with social media reach and event attendance. Show your conversion rate by listing social media click-through rates and on-site sales figures. Finally, document your visitors ‘ opinions about the sponsor’s brand with post-event surveys that calibrate the impression the sponsor made on your visitors.

Tip: make sure your proposal explains how their sponsorship will achieve their specific goal. Don’t just assume they will make the connection themselves. If their goal is to increase brand awareness, don’t just say where you’re going to introduce their brand. Instead, describe how to track social mentions, measure on-site engagement, and track brand preferences after the event so they get results.

Get the tools that capture the data to impress your sponsors
Let’s be honest. To get sponsors to buy into your event, you need to offer them something that other marketing channels can’t offer. What you have to offer comes from your customers: the data you have about their demographics, the data you have about their spending habits, and the data you have about their conversions. When you use Eventbrite, collecting data about your visitors is an integral part of the process.

From event registration to Eventbrite Boost to a host of additional features, Eventbrite gives you the tools you need to get the sponsorship your event business needs to thrive. Start your event and use our tools today.

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