When employees feel valued and valued, they tend to perform better. That’s why, with the new school year about to accelerate, school administrators and support staff may be looking for back-to-school ideas for teachers that express exactly how much teachers ‘ work is valued.

Because many educators spend their free time developing lesson plans and buying classroom supplies (sometimes with their own money), finding ways to thank teachers can help them stay motivated and get your school year off to a positive start. A special event that celebrates teachers is an idea that does just that.

Keep reading for some fun” Thank you, Teacher ” event ideas and find out how to host a great Teacher appreciation Event.

1. Organize a fundraising event

One way to raise money for teachers and their classrooms is to organize a fundraiser. You can sell tickets to a community event and use the money to buy supplies.

Consult your teachers for a list of desired school supplies. General necessities in need can be:

  • Pens and Pencils of all sizes and shapes, including colors and markers
  • Electric sharpeners and erasers
  • Adhesives and pastes
  • Scissors, paper clips and staplers
  • Office organizers
  • Notebooks and binders

Depending on the needs, choose an event where you will raise money, collect tangible donations, or a combination of both.

You can involve your entire community. Ask a local meeting room to host the event. Invite a local restaurant to provide (or significantly reduce) the food. Local businesses may also want to help with fundraising or gathering supplies — don’t forget to thank and promote them publicly. You can also ask parents to help you set up, operate and clean up, or even involve the children.

Here are two fundraising events that everyone in your community will love:

Autumn Holiday Carnival

Turn the school gymnasium into a “Harvest Festival” decorated with pumpkins and dried corn cobs. A team of volunteers can help organize various games and activities for students and their families. You can also encourage participants to donate school supplies during the event.

Trivia Night

Ask participants to test their brain power with a fun trivia game. They can split into teams — or register as teams-and have a volunteer host and ask questions about a theme. To raise even more money, consider selling food and drink tickets.

In addition, you can have teams compete to collect the most school supplies for the event, and whichever team collects the most wins free food and drinks.

2. Host a teacher appreciation gift making workshop

There is something very special about thanking a teacher with a handmade gift. However, not everyone is qualified in the arts and crafts department. So, why not organize a workshop that will allow parents and students to learn crafts and make beautiful gifts to appreciate teachers?

You can contact a retired art teacher or ask a super artistic volunteer to give the workshop. Or ask your most creative parent or co-worker to take over the helm. If they are not experts, all the better. The goal is to create something handmade as a token of appreciation, and often imperfections can make something memorable.

Then shout from the roof that you have a teacher appreciation gift workshop. (Okay, don’t climb on a roof, but promote the event with Eventbrite Boost, our all-in-one event marketing platform.) After that, you’ll probably have a lot of people buzzing about your event, so use our RSVP tool to help you manage guests.

What will the gifts of the participants look like at the end of the event? Check out some creative thank you ideas for teachers:

Star Teacher Gift Box

Ask the participants to give the teachers the star treatment with this star-shaped box full of treats. This is a simple project that craftsmen of any skill level can tackle.

Portrait of appreciation

Set up donkeys and watercolors, and let parents and students paint portraits of their teachers. A collection of these personal impressions can be a keepsake that your teachers will enjoy for years to come.

3. Organize an installation party

Teachers are faced with the daunting task of unpacking and packing twice a year — at the beginning and at the end of the school year. And maybe you are looking for different ways to thank a teacher.

Take some of that burden away by facilitating an event set up-by gathering volunteers, creating an event, and asking people to sign up. You can also add an option to make a small donation — this will help cover additional cleaning and organizational resources.

Configuration operations can sometimes take a few days, so divide the tasks. Make cleaning and disinfection the tasks of one day, and setting up and decorating another. Our platform allows you to create tickets for different days and volunteer roles.

Once the event is over, you can encourage participants to sign up for future volunteer opportunities. Go to your dashboard and go to the “email attendees” tab. Easy!

4. Organizing an after-school social mixer

Teachers are usually very busy and may not have much time to mingle with their peers or teachers from other schools in the area. An after-school dinner at a local park or meeting place is a great way to thank teachers and staff.

To get an idea of how much food and drinks you’ll need, ask your guests to reserve their seats using our RSVP tool. Then work with a local restaurant to provide food and drinks for the event.

Ask volunteers-preferably the same group from your installation Group-to help set up decorations and design food and Drink bars.

Check out these creative snack bar ideas:

The Ultimate Nacho Bar
Teachers will appreciate this nachos bar completely filled with the works such as salsa, guacamole, paprika, cheese or even mango.

Popcorn Party

Who doesn’t love popcorn, especially if you can season it with cheese salts, caramel drops and chocolate chips? Combine popcorn with a movie for a fun mix.

5. Host a Teacher Appreciation luncheon

Teachers are especially busy at the beginning of the school year. While a fancy lunch can be an option, you may also prefer to honor their time by offering more takeaway options. Or gather your teachers by department or class level and have meals delivered to a selected classroom — this is also a great way to get your teachers to mix and mingle and build a stronger team.

You will probably want to collect registrations so you know how to plan. Once the guests have registered for your event, you can communicate with them and keep them informed. For example, with Eventbrite Boost, you can send automatic email reminders to attendees and get personalized event marketing recommendations.


6. Plan for ongoing opportunities to “lunch and learn”

Although teachers ‘ days are busy, they are always looking for ways to foster their love of learning. So why not give them the opportunity to become students themselves? You can offer classes at lunchtime to provide this opportunity.

A yoga workshop is the perfect gesture of appreciation from the teacher. Contact local yoga instructors and ask them to give a 30-minute lesson. Or find a local calligrapher and set up paper and pens for calligraphy lessons. Guests can also partner with a local deli to provide sandwiches and other side dishes.

7. Offer a teacher appreciation field trip

The teachers are also enthusiastic about the excursions! Look for local opportunities that can help teachers in the area learn and relax. Maybe it’s a trip to an artisan cheese factory or a trip to a local museum. Before you start planning an educational adventure, ask your guests to confirm their presence online. This way you know how many people are interested.

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