The marketing made Prashant Kakad uncomfortable-he thought that peddling his own events was self-centered. But then Kakad, DJ and founder of Jai Ho! Dance party, realized that it was actually ” centered on the other.”He creates events that feel safe, inclusive and joyful “”and marketing is” a means of reaching the end, the end being able to create these great experiences.”

In other words, if you are not brave when it comes to marketing, too few people will experience this joy.

Spread the Word: Creative ways to market your event, three event marketers shared the tools, strategies and channels they use to publicize their events.

Read on for a teaser of the key takeaways from each of the speakers at the event. For a more in-depth look, check out the full video below – with gold bars, Jai Ho! Dance party and Trap Yoga Bae.

Tayleur Crenshaw, founder of Gold Beams
Gold Beams is a California-based company that organizes and produces events for black creatives and the black community.

1. Let your logo do the work

Your logo should be so eye-catching that when you slap it on a T-shirt, an invitation, or the Internet, it “relieves the pressure to convince people to go to your event,” Crenshaw says.

2. Creating FOMO through photography

Hire a photographer if you have the resources and give them some guidelines, but don’t micromanage. For example, ask them to take photos that show the scale of the event (which in turn should help FOMO in those who were not present), and then trust their judgment on how best to capture the footage.

3. Promote your event in all the places where your audience is already present

“Drop that tire, baby,” Crenshaw said. Are you going to a new city with your festival? Share the list of events with local listing services and newsletters. Many people have moved during the recent times, she says, and are scouring online platforms to figure out what to do. Promoting an electronic music event? Look for Facebook groups that revolve around EDM and share your ads with this already engaged audience.

4. See marketing as a way to learn and grow

Instead of seeing marketing as overwhelming, uncomfortable, or expensive, you can reframe it as an opportunity to challenge yourself, innovate, and grow-experiment with Tiktok, Instagram Reels, or any other emerging platform that attracts audiences.

5. Turn your most enthusiastic fans into natural ambassadors

Who is super excited about your events? Bring them into the fold, share ideas and maintain your connection with them. Their enthusiasm is valuable and can help you attract a wider audience. People who show up regularly can become natural ambassadors for your events.

6. Take advantage of your tools

Do you have a smartphone in your hand? Take lots of photos and videos at your event and then turn them into reels or a recap video. Study and learn how to use Portrait Mode or photograph videos in slow mode.

7. Seeking (and cultivating) authenticity

It’s easy to get caught up in what others think is best for you or your events. But as Floyd-Mayo says, “you can do anything you want, so why not be yourself?Focus on what is most important to you, because your passion will shine and inspire others to join you.

8. Defend the values of your audience

Don’t be afraid to talk about what you believe in — this helps to show authenticity and, in turn, strengthens loyalty. Be honest and transparent and speak clearly about who you are. It may be necessary to polarize; camaraderie will follow. Also adopt the same mentality on social networks: do not get carried away by the tide and post things that are irrelevant or do not accurately reflect your values.

9. Ask yourself a few pointed questions

What do you like to do? What can’t you stop talking about? And if you could do it all day, would you do it for free? This can lead you to the right projects — and your passion will make it easier to bring them to market.

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