Even the most seasoned event creator can find himself faced with event tickets that don’t sell out as fast as hoped. You can carefully plan an event and launch your big ticket office. But the days pass, then the weeks, and ticket sales remain slow. You are faced with the prospect of organizing an almost empty event or trying to find a way to cancel it with minimal damage.

In this guide, we share our best tips and tricks to increase ticket sales. Learn how to attract more guests by focusing on your unique selling point and audience, how to reach guests on any device, and how to optimize sales with the right ticketing strategy, pricing, and payment experience. Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll be covering:


  • Increase ticket sales by focusing on the benefits of your event
  • Optimize your event website for mobile
  • Sell more event tickets with a simple payment process
  • Find your USP to action low ticket sales
  • Reconsider your prices

How do you attract visitors to an event?

1. Increase ticket sales by focusing on the benefits of your event

You see the benefit of attending your event — but can your target audience see it? Often, when an event fails, it is because the organizers have not thought about what will really motivate people to participate.

If your main goal in organizing an event is to develop your brand, what does this bring to your customers? Can they learn something, establish new relationships, meet a VIP or have a unique experience? Make sure you know what your visitors like and offer that experience.

Here is the solution to increase your ticket sales for events

In order for your target audience to understand the value of your event, you need to show each guest how you created the perfect event with them in mind. Be attentive and constantly develop your events and ticket offers to maximize the attraction.

Survey your audience: Feedback surveys allow you to ask attendees what they want from a VIP experience or why they would attend a specific event.

Experiment with your ticket types: Eventbrite’s ticketing technology allows you to see how different ticket types work. Use this data to evaluate the offers that visitors find most interesting and adjust your event promotion strategy to focus on this and generate more sales.

2. Optimize your event website for mobile

In 2022, Americans spent an average of three hours a day on their smartphones. If your customers are browsing on mobile and are directed to a website that is not optimized for their device, they are likely to leave without completing a transaction. As the attention span decreases, they will no longer bother to watch your event.

Mobile technology offers many advantages to guests and event organizers. Customers benefit from the convenience of pre-filled personal and credit card information and a smoother payment experience. Sites optimized for mobile devices see their conversion rates increase by 160%, which gives you more potential visitors.

3. Sell more event tickets with a simple payment process

When someone is interested in attending your event, you want to make the transaction as simple as possible. Even the smallest friction between a guest and a successful sale, such as a complicated registration form or the absence of various payment options, can push your sale into the shopping cart “maybe after” (but probably never). If you want to know how to maximize ticket sales for an event, start by removing the barriers to purchase.

Here is the solution to increase your ticket sales for events

The good news is that usability problems are easy to solve with the right technology. The ideal customer journey should be fast, simple and intuitive so that buyers leave your site with a positive experience.

Implement a simple payment solution: Find a solution that has up to three or four steps to checkout. While some ticketing platforms require up to eight steps to complete a transaction, with Eventbrite, your customers are just two clicks away from a ticket purchase.

Secure your payment: One of the main reasons to give up a purchase is the doubt about the security of the payment. Choose a trusted ticketing partner like Eventbrite so that visitors have confidence in the purchases they make.

4. Find your USP to action low ticket sales

Try searching for events like yours – do you get lost in the noise? Your guests have limited time and budget for events. Make sure that your event is distinctive and that your offer is attractive so that they choose to spend these resources on you.

To improve your USP and increase ticket sales, you may need to adjust your marketing to understand why your event is not like the others.

Here is the solution to increase your ticket sales for events
The creation of a convincing USP starts from the moment you propose your event idea. Analyze your market and competitors to understand how they position their events and create a story for your event that shows its unique advantages.

Try something different: If your event doesn’t have a salient point of difference, consider partnering with another brand to create something new. It could be something that enhances the event experience, such as a gastronomic experience at a music event, or it could be out of the box to attract a diverse audience, such as a beer tasting at a yoga class!
5. Reconsider your prices

Perhaps the most critical part of your event ticketing strategy is pricing, but finding the right place for ticket prices can be difficult. If the price of your event is too low, your profit margins will drop and the guest experience could be affected. Conversely, too high ticket prices will limit your audience and peril derailing your event completely. You need to understand:

  • What your guests will pay for your type of event
  • What your guests have paid in the past
  • What competitors are asking for

How much profit you hope to make from your event after the expenses have been processed
While pricing is the most crucial part of your event ticketing strategy, it’s not the only consideration. The types of tickets you offer can increase ticket sales, from VIP packages to group discounts. Offering different types of tickets also allows you to cater to a wider range of guests with different budgets, without compromising your event experience.

6. Improve SEO to improve ticket sales

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is an important digital strategy that ensures that your website appears when people search on the Internet. Here are some quick tips on how to improve your website’s SEO:

Optimize your online presence: Your event website and social media channels should have a consistent name for your event and a link to each other to drive more traffic to your event website. Google and other search engines give a lot of weight to sites with high traffic when ranking search results.

Refine your posts: The words you want to put on your homepage and in your content must match the keywords that your potential visitors can search for. A quick review of your event description and website posts can identify opportunities to carefully rank for more keywords that improve your search performance.

Keep the content flowing: Adding authentic and valuable content to your site gives this authority, which contributes to a better ranking in searches. Add a blog, post regular updates, and re-share user-generated content as your event grows. This can both improve your search rankings and entice potential customers to come back and engage until they commit to buying.

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